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Do you want life to be a little easier whilst fishing? It can be dangerous and inconvenient  to collect water from lake and river banks and from the boat. It is safe and easy with the Angling sponge.  Use it for bait mixes or to wet your catch and it cleans hands and equipment at any venue, a must have for any angler!


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It has been estimated that there are 13,000 pieces of litter per square km in our seas and oceans.  The washing sponge is ideal for any washing need, but the difference is, you should not lose it to the environment.  Ensuring you are doing your bit to preserve our world.


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The fish shape is novel and a bit of fun, kids will love washing there mum and dads boat with one of these.  It will also add some fun to there fishing experience, not to mention stop them moaning of the smell!


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The attachable bailout sponge is highly absorbent and excellent for soaking up and retaining excess water.  Conveniently  available every time you need it.  Made with non scratch discs ensuring your boat or craft stays tip top!

Bungee Spongee® it makes sense!

I hope money will stop being wasted on individual sponges that get lost to the environment and instead invested in a product which could last for years. Its so important in these times we live in to look after our environment, Bungee Spongee® is the perfect way to help.

  • Attachable sponge, it's always there when you need it.
  • No need to ever lose your sponge again, saving you time and  money!
  • Help save the environment from waste!
  • Give Bungee Spongee® a go, you will soon feel attached.
  • The simple ideas are always the best!
  • Hand made in the UK
  • All rights reserved.

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  • I'm an avid carp angler and got myself a bungee-spongee today. Initially, i figured it'd be a compact and lightweight alternative to an extra bucket of lakewater for keeping a carp on the mat in tip top condition. I don't mean rubbing the sponge on the fish of course, but squeezing out fresh lake water over the body and gills etc. Well, I'm pleased to say it does a great job of this. No need to ever leave the fish to fetch more water. Kept the sponge by the unhooking mat and just chucked and retrieved it using the cord a
    - Adam Stride, Avid Carp angler
  • Great product idea . I'm sick of sponges blowing out of my boat!
    - Oz, http://www.ukbassfishing.com/
  • Built to last, the bungee spongee is a must have item to keep in your tackle box. It’s perfect for keeping your fishing area, hands and bait preparation tools free from the grime and mess normally associated with cutting and preparing bait throughout the day whilst fishing. I certainly wouldn’t go fishing without mine.    
    - Perry Dack EFSA, England


Many customers have told us Bungee Spongee® has transformed their fishing and boating experience - want it to transform yours?